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Wow… 2020 was a doozy, am I right? A lot happened last year. I wasn’t really in a mindset to provide value in a blog format, so I did what I knew to do and that was to offer y’all a place to find some resources. It was weird, I’m sure. Shortly after this posts, I will edit the resources pages a bit [and add a couple more links back into the blog], before leaving them be for now. We need to get back to this blog’s intended purpose, which I’ll go over some below.


When I first started Re.Habit Crafted back in 2015, I was homeless. Inspired by ideas I was seeing about breaking bad habits and resetting better ones, I felt it was almost like recycling — or rather, upcycling a life. For example, eating isn’t a bad habit, but over-eating is. So we must do away with overeating, and reconstruct our eating habits. I’d hoped Re.Habit Crafted could be a log of my personal journey with “re-habiting” my life, as well as an inspiration and guide to others who found themselves in similar positions.

My Experience / Qualifications

  • I am a domestic adoptee, adopted at birth. I’ve never met any biological family. I am a moderator at a support server specifically for adoptees.
  • I struggled as a teen to find work; this struggle led me down a frustrating path, which ended in my deciding to create my own business[es]. Which… honestly, haven’t always worked.
  • My spouse served 4 years in the United States Navy; I’m a military spouse, now Veteran’s spouse.
  • In 2012, my husband and I became homeless. We survived 2 years in varying degrees of homelessness and joblessness, which has granted me further skill sets within household administration, research and writing talents.

What to Expect Going Forward

Because of my life experiences, it is important to me that this blog be a beacon to others. To teach and to learn with them as we all navigate changing and building lifestyles, personal growth, or even crises. To add value to others, and to share intentional and meaningful processes to succeed or find answers to whatever we’re looking for.

What About Arts & Crafts?

I am a creative artist and craftsperson. That will never end — speaking of which, you can find my work right here, or you can donate here; and I have a shop here. There was a time when I was a craft-blogger, and we had so much fun. I was so happy to share that with y’all. But this is a new chapter, and I hope you’ll stick with me. There will still be the occasional creative / crafts / arts post, but more along the lines of the blog’s intentions.

Thank you for reading and for being here today. Please share this post with friends and family.

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