During the last 100 days, I allowed myself to be a bit off-kilter in my planning. It was a time of decluttering and preparation for further organization. I feel I’ve achieved a bit more mindfulness and intentionality as a result, and I’m looking forward to enjoying these in the future.

That said, something I’ve learned about myself over the years, but have never acted upon is that I really struggle to write / blog during big holiday months / the holiday season in general. Pretty much after Halloween, my internal / mental systems power down and check out for the remainder of the year. Doing so allows me to prepare for any socializing I may want to do during November – December, so I can put my best self forward going into the new year.

So, I’m taking a holiday from the blog, I hope it also grants my readers more time with their family and friends. My Instagram, previous posts and other social media are always available if you need a Re.Habit fix. Merry Christmas!