The Big Excuse

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It seems each time I walk into a Barnes & Noble, I discover a dose of perspective. A couple weekends back, we visited our local store briefly to pick up birthday gifts for each of us; with mine in April and Drew’s in June, we usually end up doing our bulk-birthday shopping somewhere in the middle. Once Drew made our purchase, I spent a little time walking around the store.

Have you ever picked something ultra-specific and tried to find it while casually perusing the shelves? This is a regular thing for me — perhaps it’s an interest in whether or not I can find the thing, or maybe I’m just trying to kill time; it’s a game. My choice on

Document 20_2.jpg
Really BIG Special Snowflake Rabbit Hole.

this occasion was related to my Threadless shop — yet, I didn’t look for books about Threadless itself, graphics design or even art.

Took me a minute, but I soon realized I’d fallen down the Special Snowflake Rabbit Hole. Again. [And it’s a really BIG hole…]

It starts with wishing for back when people held our hands through everything. Back when our lessons all came in pre-packaged, pre planned curriculums which none of us liked, but overly romanticize because — let’s face it — special snowflake or not, adulting is hard.

Instead of practicing or working harder, we search incessantly for tutorials, permission, and time killers to distract from the thing for which we’ve already a solution. The thing we know that if we just sit down and get to it, we’ll get it right. If not now, then eventually [unless of course, we find we’re headed in the wrong direction]. We look for an easy way out — quick riches, faster learning and less time, work and money put into each.

What if we changed all of that, though? So I feel we should cover this bit:

If you’re feeling insecure about whatever you’re doing, consider taking a course or chatting with someone else who’s already involved or doing something similar. But guys — hear me on this — pay for the class [unless you’ve some benefit which grants you free courses; if you’re military / veteran or a military / veteran spouse, definitely start looking into that.]

If you’re stalling… QUIT THAT SHIT and GO GET YOURS. It may be time to invest further. Or maybe even bite a few dollars by donating. Extend yourself and your services or products just a little to help others in exchange for increased visibility.

Or… you could offer your own input, opinions, and experiences for free by commenting or continuing this discussion below. You don’t get paid, but I’ve a pretty good response rate and will do my best to make you feel heard.