Media Minimalism


Above photo by Vincent Chan on Unsplash

A friend recently asked how I went about decluttering and downsizing some of my media — specifically the massive DVD collection I share with my spouse.

We live in a digital age. Many of us grew up with it; so at least some of our cherished childhood recollections involve classic films, and if we’re lucky, we can find those classics in ‘retro’ formats that are increasingly more difficult to let go or get rid of.

It is within human nature to be territorial — attachment to surroundings. But between greed and industry growth, that attachment can become wildly out of control. “This is my _______!!” we proclaim; rarely pausing to think how trivial ________ truly is. So how do we go about releasing those things? Consider…

Nothing let go is ever truly gone — {granted, this may not always be the case, but it is true for many of our things}. I’ve learned that my local library has hired a wizard. His magic trick is repairing damaged disc media. So donating DVDs or CDs is not to lose it, but to share it with countless others. I might have to wait my turn; but it’s worth the wait. I also take a beat and consider the cost to replace items should I find I really do want them back later. I found most of the time, they really are just $20 or less.

Money is never to be feared. My spouse and I currently live below the poverty line. So — loss of anything we own holds in it the potential to be a serious financial matter. From this experience, I can share that, in fact, most emergencies truly aren’t. And if a poor person is telling you this — it must be true.

As to the active process, that is your own decision. Do what works best for you and yours. My spouse and I chose to organize and execute gradually over time. Video entertainment is one of his favorite ways to share time together, so it was best to work together. He stores our disc media by type and in alphabetical order. We curate and re-curate the collection whenever it starts getting too full, too old, too scratched, or just too… anything.

Have you anything to add? Perhaps you’ve downsized your own collection[s], disc or otherwise? Feel free to share a bit in the comments below.


Been awhile…


It’s been a month {or few} of minutes since I last posted here. In that time, Drew and I have moved a phenomenal six-tenths of a mile [woo-hoo, big change, right?] to a new apartment complex.

Between the move, allergies turning into sinusitis [ugh] and some additional changes in our work and daily activities, I’ve been trying to decide how I want to fit new content in here — or rather, where I’d like to start with new content. I’m also doing a bit of belated spring cleaning. I have a specific direction I’d like to take this blog and that should be better defined in the posts I share.

I’ll be back very soon with new content. In the meantime, enjoy what is here and check out my latest work at my new Threadless shop!