Bernat Yarn Cake

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Before the holidays, I got the opportunity to give Bernat yarns another chance. I’ve only worked with it once before, and was a little disappointed. The feel of the yarn was nice, but I love color… and if one relies on the shelves at the local WalMart, they might believe Bernat never strays from the soft pastel baby blanky colors. [It’s not your fault, Bernat. I don’t get to Michael’s often enough. Seriously, I walk in, go to the first employee I meet and with a wild look in my eyes, whisper “WHAT YEAR IS IT?!”]

20171213_160057.jpgSo at any rate, I was super excited when my local WalMart decided to sell yarn cakes, including Bernat Pop! I chose the Paisley coloration. I ended up making both a hat and a cowl with it. I wished there had been a bit more to the ball of yarn than there was. This came as a slight shock [despite the yardage being listed on the label] as I’ve been working with Lion Brand’s Mandala a lot lately. This yarn would be perfect for a hat / scarf set for a child. As it is, the cowl I made is not as long as I might have liked, but I know someone will adore it!

I loved the colors in this yarn, specifically the eggplant, plum and leaf shades, but found the color transitions to be quite abrupt. Fortunately, the hat turned out fine [I was amazed]. I found the transition from blue to pink to be particularly interesting. With the cowl, I decided to trim out the transitional bits.20171213_155654.jpg

To sum up, I’m on the fence about this particular yarn. The transitions bugged me, but the colors are weirdly nice together. The yarn is exceptionally soft and plushy feeling, but there were some flaws in the yarn where it had been cut and the ends randomly knotted together — I’m not too bothered by this sort of thing, but if mishandled, it can create an issue with the integrity of the final piece.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with what I made, and Bernat has redeemed themselves [thank you!!]. What are your thoughts? Have you worked with Bernat Pop! or other Bernat yarns? What were your experiences? I’d love to read all about it.