Blogging Update


Above photo by Justin Luebke via Unsplash.

Hello, and thanks for your readership! If you’re new, welcome!

I’m Laura, and today I want to talk briefly about some blog-related updates and general newsy stuff.



Harley Quinn aka ‘Mama’

We’ve added a tiny family member. Early this year, a neighbor adopted 2 kittens. The male escaped. By the time we caught him, the neighbor no longer wanted him, and he remained a stray. A few months passed of us feeding the little guy. He got fat… then one day, he let me take a better look at him and he was a knocked up she… We cared for Harley Quinn’s 3 kittens until they were of age to leave her. 2 kittens were adopted; Jean Grey, however, has stayed behind, much to the delight of the men in the household.


Jean Grey aka #BlueJeanBaby

We’re working with a local organization which assists strays to have Harley spayed and further cared for. Moral of the story: Don’t take in pets you honestly don’t want / don’t plan to keep.


If you’ve been with me awhile, you may know I migrated a lot in the last several years. I’ve been blogging since 2006-ish, starting at LiveJournal. I then went to Blogger, Tumblr, and finally, here. In all those moves, I’ve never once imported / exported previous blogs to the new one. Never. It felt a little like taking furniture from a shack to a fancy new house… so I just didn’t.

Well, recently a friend had some questions for me regarding minimalism. And around that same time, I decided it’s probably time to do away with Tumblr. So I happened across some of the posts I wrote when I first became a minimalist. The up and down sides to this are that I’ve come a long way from that time. I don’t entirely agree with the way I phrased things back then. So… I imported everything, set them all to pending, and I’m updating those pieces of value. So y’all might start seeing posts more regularly for awhile.

New Pages

There are a few new pages that have already been published or are coming soon to the blog. These pages include:

  • Newsletter Sign Up – confessional: I’ve never written a newsletter, but it’s Capturesomething I sincerely wish to try, so please, do sign up using the subscribe button pictured to the right, or by simply clicking the link above. Newsletters are monthly general updates and will include the occasional treat such as discounts / freebies and opportunities you may not otherwise receive.
  • Munchies – recipes; fair warning – measurements are viewed as suggestions and most attempts at healthy-ish probably doesn’t actually qualify. Come prepared to edit them to your personal needs.
  • Simplicity – well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.
  • Teach Me – tutorials. Some may be outdated, but I hope they’ll help you.

And if you’ve missed some of the other pages in the menu, here they are with brief descriptions:

  • About – some exceptionally brief notes on who I am and what I’m doing here.
  • S’avant Guard – reading page. You can find reviews on books, blogs… pretty much anything I might read here; as well as some posts on reading itself.
  • My Work – because I don’t just sit on my bum and blog. That would be lazy and foolish… -nervous laughter-

As always, thank you for taking time out to catch up with me here. Have an awesome day!



Minimalism Meets Marriage


Photo from March 2011 before he deployed to the Mediterranean. Edited by me.

Recently a friend approached me asking about introducing their spouse and child to minimalism. I’ve heard and read plenty of questions and even horror stories on the subject. The most terrifying were those in which worried family members believed the minimalist to be suicidal… but that’s a discussion for another blog…

My spouse’s introduction to minimalism was a speeding culture shock of a roller coaster ride into the sordid depths of committed relationship…

I was fresh from a YouTube fueled, The Minimalists binge [and possibly a bit caffeinated]. I blathered nonsensically into the mouthpiece of my cell with the over-confident exuberance of a newly-educated child….

And then I may or may not have threatened to incinerate half his wardrobe. Because

  • …he’s not wearing them for at least 4 months.
  • …the shirts don’t fit me.
  • …he spent about 95% of life in uniform.
  • …he didn’t seem to want to wear clothes the other 5% of his life #slywink.
  • …I cannot imagine any time when one might live thousands of miles from their wardrobe and said trousseau not be in someone else’s way.

I’m glad I didn’t burn his clothes. In fact, he became a minimalist on his own. And I’ve come to sincerely appreciate our differences of opinion and definition when it comes to simplifying our home.

It started with me.

We’ve all heard some term along the lines of “to see a change, be the change”. But when lifestyle is involved, there are many caveats to this ‘rule’.

  • Ultimately, this was my choice for myself. Alone; but not as lonely as it sounds.
  • People sometimes feel our choices reflect upon them. Sensitivity and advanced mind-reading required.
  • Others may feel judged by my choices.
  • Grace, respect and kindness are musts. Particularly when others apologize for their own lifestyle because they feel judged / reflected upon.

Expanding into family / household.

The key to minimalism in or outside of any home is communication. Sometimes this means difficult conversations.

  • TARA – Tolerate, Accept, Respect, Appreciate
  • Talk about clutter without being unkind, harsh, demanding or downright rude.
  • Don’t make it about their things. Make it about better knowing the individual behind the things.
  • Don’t make it about simplifying or minimalism. Make it about what you can do together.
  • Make room for them.
  • Ask them non-judgmental questions about their ‘stuff’. “What makes this special?”
  • Ask yourself what they get out of items / experiences you might label ‘clutter’. If the answer is a positive one, such as joy or fun, make peace as you pinpoint more exact reasons for it bothering you.
  • Avoid delivering blame. Try saying “I” or “we” instead of “you”.
  • Always be considerate.

I’m excited about this new life you’ve chosen! Aren’t you? Have fun with it. It’s not all solemn white-wash paint or austere living spaces. It’s simply another lens through which to express life. ~_♡