Conversations:/ Collateral Damage


Heads up. This post has some language and frank / angry speech inappropriate for work / children.

Emotions are ugly things. We treat them as disgusting, dirty, nasty, unsexyI get it. They really are ugly. But, to dismiss the feelings of others – refusal to acknowledge them – is to dismiss the individual and their very life. I call that a bridge burned. Dismissers are not supporters — in fact, they’re the exact opposite.

Imagine the confusion when the uncharitable “reach out” as though they were never so snide. To their minds, my burned bridge is a rock-hard foundation; some stepping stone, a valuable lesson I’ve learned, and how kind they were to teach me. I owe them now. Except I don’t. I’ll fight [violently, verbally, or otherwise] any time, anywhere, for those I love. I owe your punk ass nothing. You owe me. But I’ll never forcibly collect. Find someone else who’s dying and give it to them [if you’ve a heart].

Details are often described as threatening or too taxing to hear in the moment. If it’s too burdensome for the listener, zero thought is given to what surviving the minute details of personal circumstance is doing to the speaker, their spouse, any children involved… Yet moments later, demands are made that we heed lectures regarding our own habits and selfishness. How is it never okay for us to tell you everything about my life, but our sensitivities are free game forever?

We live in a cruel world where verbal murder is a thing. And it’s not just the kids slurring one another in schools until one of them commits suicide. It’s the denial of feelings, the finger-pointing. Assigning fraudulent guilt, life-shaming… this is hatred… We feel it. We’re not suicidal — but we wonder if you wish we were.

Fuck hatred.
Fuck narcissism.
Fuck ignorance.

I’m angry. But I try [and often fail] to comprehend the lack of understanding.