8 His Heart Out


Happy 8th wedding anniversary to Drew Weiller. We’ve come so far, and I’m still learning your eccentricities.

For example, just last week, I learned that you carefully roll your socks into donuts…

I hope never to lose you, but rest assured, I take solace in knowing such a loss can only be due to your fiercely ecstatic joy in some fiery, dare-devil stunt only you would attempt.

I love you.

P.S. Please don’t burn down the dog and cat or kill the house while madcapping.


Black Butterfly & Beautiful Chaos

Book Review

Early this year, I received Robert M. Drake’s Black Butterfly as a gift. I’ve also had the privilege of owning a copy of Beautiful Chaos. Both books have been wonderful additions to my tiny library.

I’ve never been one to read much poetry. However, when I happened across Drake’s work at a Barnes & Noble, I began reading and found it speaks to me in a special way. Drake has a way of weaving plain-spoken words skillfully through emotional thoughts and truths. Sometime after reading Beautiful Chaos, I learned that many of these poems are excerpts of stories the author has written. This is in part what encouraged me to keep a writer’s notebook. Even if a piece of something cannot be used as originally intended, it can be used.

Excellent for a first-time poetry reader, I find this book continues to appeal to me even as my enjoyment of poetry matures. I’m truly impressed with the author’s depth of feeling portrayed so simply. I look forward to reading more!

Highly recommended for anyone 17 and up.

Our Pets

Personal, Pets

Drew and I have 2 pets who play important roles in our lives. So at half past 5am, when I can’t sleep, I write about them… particularly when the cat is rattling and pawing about any number of foil wrappers forgotten amid trash take out.

At any rate, I’ve barely mentioned either of them since starting this blog. That seems a little unfair as they’re both such a huge part of our family. Their names are Twitter and Gingy [short for Gingerbread Man; he’s named after the cookie from the Shrek films].



Twitter has been with us for 6 years. It’s hard to believe we’ve had him that long. He’s very sweet and loving. He gives kisses and plays fetch with milk ties like a dog. He also tries to talk like a human and seems to know about 20 words — maybe more. He catches on to words and phrases we say to him regularly and copies the tone and sound patterns in a meow. Sometimes, he manages to create his own ‘word’ for things he can’t pro-meow-nce.

In 2013, our boxer-mix Georgi-Boy pointed Gingy out to us when he noted our



neighbors appeared to have a new puppy. Turns out, poor Gingy seemed to have been tossed out, flea-collar and all, to fend for himself. We searched the neighborhood for his owners to no avail. We’ve had him ever since. He and Georgi were inseparable until Georgi’s unexpected passing in July, 2014.

Gingy spends his days playing fetch with his favorite balls from Chuckit! If we’re not careful, he’ll try to keep one for the whole day. His favorite snacks are pretty much anything peanut butter flavored and the gourmet cookies from Petco.

Our pets do get along fairly well, though Twitter makes a game of spanking Gingy any chance he gets. Gingy thinks Twitter is fun to chase and snuggle with — on a good day. And he begs for any snack Twitter is given.

Gingy and Twitter often visit my Instagram. They love any attention they may garner from you.