Broken Hallelujahs


If you’re in America this week, you might be having a bad day. This week was really tough on me, too.

You’ve but to social media to find the absolute shit show [and that’s being kind] our election has resulted in. There’s so much I want to say, but we’ve spent the last couple days witnessing things most of us would prefer we not have. So let’s go over some of the basics.

I stand against bigotry, hatred, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and abortion. I stand for women’s rights to choose and their rights to healthcare. Yes, I am a walking contradiction of myself most of the time — in a good way, I hope.

  • No, I won’t tell you whether I voted, or for whom.
  • If you voted, you shouldn’t be beating up or slandering any supporter of any other party. #LeadByExample
  • If you know someone who didn’t vote, don’t try to shut them up or disavow their voices. Voting is a right and a privilege, not a duty. #LeadByExample
  • Don’t try to change others’ minds
  • #TheKidsAreWatching #LeadByExample
  • If someone needs counseling or therapy during this difficult time, grant them the respect of not calling them a baby. #LeadByExample #TheKidsAreWatching YOU.

Anna was kind to share this video of Stephen Colbert talking about the election. I loved what he had to say. I particularly related to his statement that when he was growing up, they didn’t discuss elections or politics as much as today. As I stressed a few days back, we need to maintain our education in order to vote responsibly. One way to do this is to speak with one another, however, I agree with Colbert. We should spend more time on other things. Life is too short to become so emotionally invested in political viewpoints that we cut each other down.

Many of us are living in fear of being deported, or sexually assaulted. Harassment, though nothing new, is a freshly growing problem. If you don’t believe me, I beg you to read through Shaun King’s latest tweets. This isn’t the end of the world, but if at least half of us had a choice, Trump would be out of the picture. For those who may not be aware, Trump has a scheduled trial date in December regarding charges of racketeering and there have been reports he raped a 13 year-old girl.

In March of 2015, Drew and I became homeless. As we sat outside the home we’d just been evicted from, we laughed. We joked. We talked. We played games. We survived. Just as we’ve survived this election. Granted, some of us didn’t make it — the last several months, we’ve lost more men and women than we should have. We’re raw. But we’ve survived. Understand that you’re stronger now. What you do with yourself and your response now matters so much more than who won. Understand that we’ve left normal — it’s time to truly think outside the box and act on that.

My current stance on all election related issues is as follows: 

  • Know what you believe. Stand and fight for your rights and those of others. But please… please be careful. [Look at me with all these contradictory statements today… “Stand and fight! Oh, but do be safe!!”]
  • #LeadByExample
  • Get #InTheirShoes. Check on your minority friends today. And not just today, keep checking in with them habitually.
  • Check on the kids. Seriously, they’re getting hit hard.
  • Should our government take a step back and make some changes to the election, I would like to recommend We the People be granted an hour per individual to warm the Oval Office hot seat.

Anna has requested perks to the 60-Minute President plan:

  1. We will be paid a presidential salary for our 60 minutes.
  2. During our 60 minutes, we may enact any law for the day, no matter how reasonable, silly, or self-serving (with boundaries and limitations — no murder allowed).
  3. The House / Senate must pick at least one serious law among those we’ve enacted and make it a forever law.

Naturally, I’ve a few ideas for laws already, in no special order:

  1. Every capable caucasian will be made to work in soup kitchens for a day.
  2. Every capable caucasian of every class will be made to work the job of a person of color, no matter how stinky, vomit-inducing, discomforting, or unappealing it may seem.
  3. Everyone in the country must learn at least 1 non-English language fluently and attempt a second. **Newcomers, foreigners exempt as thanks for bringing new and exciting cultures to our nation.
  4. Native Americans will be invited back to their original lands.
  5. Taking a note from Ellen DeGeneres anyone caught singing Let It Go will immediately have their bank accounts frozen.
  6. Any man caught farting in public or within the confines of his home will be subjected to corporal punishment of his bride’s choosing. If he farts in her face or dutch ovens her, she may request an immediate no-questions-asked, free of charge divorce in which she automatically wins everything.
  7. Speaking of lawyers, they will now be paid out of the pockets of overpaid senators.
  8. An additional cut of senators’ pay will be divided amongst active duty military service members.
  9. Iron Man should be inducted as an actual, real life, national hero. You’re welcome. 

Looking back over this post, it turned out a little weird. But that’s what we need right now, so I’m proud of it. Take care [of yourself, of others] today; be generous. I love you.


Please Vote Responsibly


This morning, I happened across this awesome post by Mike Rowe. Mike, if you’re reading this, please accept a hearty thanks for being one of very few people who’ve validated / agreed with my not-so-popular views regarding voting.

Mike pretty much killed it in the aforementioned post, but I want to speak to / for those of us still questioning voting for any reason.

A few somewhat bothersome things:

  • Election season so often appears to set us at odds with our friends, family members, literally anyone we’re involved with in any capacity. So I’m going to link to this video Colin Wright was so kind to share with us. Please respect one another.
  • This note I wrote in 2008 which is still partially relevant to today’s election.
  • Why have social media apps consistently asked that I update followers with my voting progress? I love y’all, but you don’t need to know if I registered to vote…  It feels very intrusive. I’d prefer non-living, roboticized entities [read: social media apps] not to record my voting tendencies for any purpose. But maybe I’m being paranoid. Let’s hope.

Voting is indeed a right, not a duty: And I hope it remains so. 

  • Right – “a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.”
  • Duty – “a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.”

Whether we exercise our right to vote or not, we still harbor a personal responsibility to establish our worldview, including a comprehension of history, current events and how they’re related.

Our society is like wild animals that are fed by people too often. Some of these animals forget how to acquire food for themselves. And if the animal is a Grizzly bear and you’re the only morsel you brought… hurry, like and share this blog post! Or dial 911 as you run. Your call…

My point is that with the Internet and 24/7 access to media journalism, we don’t have to hold quite so much information in our heads. We don’t cherish it as we once did. It’s a struggle trying to explain politics to the new generations. It was a struggle for my family, and unless I effect a change there, it will be the same for any child who looks up to me.

If you questioned whether you could vote responsibly today, let me encourage you. There are ways to learn what you need in order to be a more responsible voter. Please seek them out. Please be respectful of your fellow voters in debating with them. And don’t give up. You need this knowledge.

Be safe and careful out there today. May we all discover some small win — whether our chosen candidate enters office or not.