Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis

Book Review

The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis is my current favorite young adult novel series. I happened across the first book, Prince of Wolves, back in 2014 and have been reading and re-reading the series ever since.

Set [for the most part] in Texas and Romania, this is a young-adult paranormal romance novel series. Coupling edge-of-the-seat excitement with endearing relationships, the tale rotates from mystery and romance to action and magic. Just when I think every character is safe, something new happens, so I find it difficult to put down.

While the writing itself could use a polish and spellcheck [Nook e-book version], the story held my interest quite well for an easy read. I cannot wait to read it again! It is my most read series for the last two years. Please don’t ask me to pick a favorite character — they’re all so endearing.

Some might argue this to be a typical young-adult romance series in that men are portrayed as unhealthily possessive towards the women. But this is a tale of werewolves; men and women with dual-natures. I’m truly amazed and intrigued by Loftis’ ability to marry fictional magic and elements of the true characteristics and habits of actual wolves in the wild. It is a brilliant display of her talents.

I would definitely recommend this as an easy-to-read series for young-adults and the young at heart. I use it as a filler-book… a book to entertain me when I’m also reading something not quite so exciting. Please note, I do not recommend this for young children or teens.

Fluff Cycle

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There’s a part of me hoping you’re reading from your local laundromat today, though I assure you this post has nothing to do with drying your garments.

If you’ve been reading along, you may have been wondering, “Laura, where is YOUR resume? I’d love to see a copy for comparative study…” Well… uhm… –small voice– I don’t have {a current} one –big smile–. I know, total shocker. I’ve spent the past months reading books about resume writing and job hunting and how can I possibly survive without the most important tool!?! Let me explain.

Resumes. Are. Fluff.
Few people actually read them.
Hours of lives wasted trying to perfect this one page description of why they should buy “_insert your name Inc.”
We have maybe 10 seconds to impress the hiring manager.
Ten. Seconds.
There have been studies done and surveys taken to determine the exact splinter of resume ‘most’ hiring managers will read so we might occupy 2 lines with our absolute best parts.
Have you heard of a 30-second commercial? I challenge you. Put 30 seconds on the clock. In that split moment, tell me why I should hire you.
You can’t. Not effectively. {Don’t despair, please keep reading.}
Stick a fork in my resume, it’s done.
I don’t need to wax poetic, have a degree, work history or even experience to honestly care about your company and the job offered.
And companies shouldn’t have to settle for someone who put more time into canvassing the web with their resume than they will into researching that specific organization.

I’ve never acquired a job because of my resume. Ever. If you’re out there looking for work, I encourage and give you permission to respectfully withdraw your resume permanently.

I’m not telling you to:

  • Quit your job(s).
  • Delete your LinkedIn account.
  • Sleep in every day from now on.
  • Sit on your tush and never work again.
  • Live off welfare.
  • Stop job hunting.
  • And that 30-second commercial thing is an excellent precursor to get one’s foot in the door for an informational interview.

I’m merely recommending job seekers take a moment to regroup. Reassess your personal circumstances and truly ask the question: “Is what I’m doing now effective in reaching my goals?” Some of us don’t quite fit the 9-5 mold or other traditionally accepted models — one working style does not fit all. The fluff cycle is just that. Fluff. Find substance. Create and add value. Slap that on a resume.