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Book Review

If given the chance, I eat books while reading my Alpha Bits… Wait, that’s not quite right, is it? Either way, I leave the table with a hungry mind — or something like that. Despite my love of reading, I’m a bit unorthodox in my reading selection. As with food, I’ve a chaotically organized system for reading. Spinach and most predictable plots cause gag-reflexes, however, baby spinach is good in salads and there are painfully foreseeable tales I’ll read the heck out of. It just depends, really.

I’ve opened up a new page entitled S’avant Garde where I’ll be posting book reviews. I occasionally meet people who try determining the profile of others based on the books they’ve read and enjoyed. To me, this is a labeling system I wish to avoid, however, there is a level of healthy interest there — so I’m offering, for your entertainment, the following list:

  • If reading is sexy, then hyper-popularized books are a bit of a turn-off. Example – I LOVE Twilight… because I got to read it before everyone went bonkers and stalked the stars of the movie series.
  • I find Tolkien’s work disturbing in a bad way. And no, I don’t want to watch the movies — they played a role in my distress.
  • Visits to the library are often aggravating because most of what I want to read is so new it’s not available and everything else isn’t on the shelves or has never been heard of. I’m not sure how common a problem this is, though I’ve been told libraries in the Northwest are often better stocked than those I’m familiar with. I sincerely hope this is true. That said, I’ve found many wonderful books in libraries.
  • Romances (particularly Western / pioneer and fantasy) are my guilty pleasures.
  • No, I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. But I did read the back of my toothpaste and am undecided as to the greater evil — my dental insurance and dentist or the lengthy list of ingredients I dare not endeavor to pronounce.
  • Comics with sushi is another guilty pleasure of mine — it’s right up there with my favorite manga such as Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Sailor Moon, Captive Hearts
  • Household bathrooms are libraries, too. Particularly if you’ve small children or pets.
  • Narnia is a place. Guaranteed.
  • I like tackling the problems of the world, making a variety of DIY and self-help books my textbook reading.
  • Poetry is my easy-listening ‘music’. I used to write some poetry and lyrics in high school, though I never found any poets I liked, save one or two. Recently, I started writing [mostly private] poetry again and even found some new (to me) poets who are my new favorites – I like poems that make me think, but are easily understandable. Poetry makes me think in multi-faceted imagery.
  • I’ve often been challenged to tear into books — make notes in margins, generally destroy them. But I literally just can’t. It makes me want to cry.
  • I’m no book geek {or am I?} and only recently got back into reading, which is why this list isn’t any longer.

Now. Get off the internet and go read your breakfast lest your imagination starve!!