MozzaBasiRoni Pizza Roll


This week, we decided to try something new. That turned into creating something new — or at least new to us. I completely winged it on this with some light inspiration from Pinterest. If you’ve ever tried the Fresca Pizza from Famous Famiglia, I think this tastes mildly similar.


You will need:

• Packet of fresh basil leaves; rinsed and pulled off the vines
• Pepperonis
• Mozzarella cheese; shredded
• Pillsbury’s pizza dough
• Sauce – we used Classico Four Cheese
• Ricotta cheese
• Flour – just for funsies… it’s optional, but I found it helpful.

1. Roll out your dough, being careful to attempt keeping it in it’s rectangular shape (rectangular shape not 100% necessary, so if you botch it, don’t freak).
2. Preheat your oven to the correct setting for your pan using directions on the Pillsbury can.
3. Pick two edges of your dough (one long, one short). These two edges will be the edges you “grab at” when rolling into a loaf. Smear the sauce, getting as close to edges as possible without making it leak.
4. Add your toppings (cheese, basil, pepperoni).
5. Roll the entire mess into a loaf. Easiest way is to fold edges over the saucey bits and then roll, sprinkling a very little flour on each layer of the roll as you go. Makes it not-so-sticky.
6. Tease the ends and edges to hide any stuffing. Lightly flour the outside of the loaf. Not the end of the world if a little flour gets on the pan.
7. Bake per Pillsbury packaging directions — ignore the pre-bake.

Cheese Notes: For this first time, we dipped ours into the Ricotta cheese. I found it delightfully cooling as the Ricotta was not hot. However, Drew wants us to try it with the ricotta baked in as well. Totally up to you guys!

We quartered ours and it lasted 2 meals!