How to Win Friends

Book Review

I’m currently reading (and attempting to apply to daily life) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

As always, there is a bit of a war going on inside of me because of this book.

Earlier this week, I was watching old Thanksgiving and Christmas videos my uncle had burned onto DVD-Rs for Grandma when she got her first DVD player. I admit being a little embarrassed to see a nine-year-old version of myself jumping and dancing around for the camera. I would go to Grandma’s house for hours on end, and we would often pull out her video camera just for fun. As I said, I look back on those now and I’m embarrassed. I didn’t know how to dance, I just made up my own moves, and there was no rhyme or rhythm to them. I just did something that made me happy. I was alive with reckless abandon. Bashful; but happily confident.

As I grew up, I learned that not everyone means what they say. And I guess part of me decided for one reason or another that no one does. It could have been my fault. Maybe I was too trusting of someone and they let me down. Whatever happened, innocence was lost, and a cautious cynic was born.

I recently told Drew how I used to be, and how in some ways, I wish I still were. I wish trust came readily.

I’ve been reading this book now for a couple of weeks. I know, I know… I should’ve finished long before now, but I’m trying to really get into the meat of this book. I want to make sure none of the lessons are lost on me, and that takes some time. I’ve been quite impressed by Mr. Carnegie’s viewpoint, and I LOVE all the history included. My favorite stories (so far) are about Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain. I’ve got to say I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that the book mentions Roy Rogers somewhere.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of the journey with my readers. ~_<3