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I’m Laura, an artist, Veteran’s wife, domestic adoptee, animal lover; not necessarily in that order. Originally from “BullDawg Nation” in Northeastern Georgia, I now reside in North Carolina.

When I first started Re.Habit Crafted back in 2015, I was homeless, and unemployed. Inspired by ideas others had regarding breaking bad habits and resetting better ones, I felt it was almost like recycling — or rather, upcycling a life; hence “Re.Habit Crafted”.

It is important to me that this be a resource & a beacon to others. To teach and to learn with them as we all navigate changing and building lifestyles, personal growth, or even crises. To add value to others, and to share intentional and meaningful processes to succeed or find answers to whatever we’re looking for.

I do not currently earn income directly from this blog (Re.Habit Crafted) at this time, however, I do have shops on Redbubble and I sell handcrafts via PayPal — all my products are linked here on Re.Habit Crafted. I am not an affiliate of any other entity, nor do I intentionally post affiliate links to this blog. All images are my own photographs unless otherwise noted / used with permission.

Be neighborly.

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